Hello, friends!

Welcome to Valkyrie.sexy, home of the private services of Fraction's living shitpost.

Beep Boop

I host music bots for TS3, Discord, and Mumble. Our gracious systemd overlords (praise be the name of Leonarrt Poettering) have blessed us with the world's most amazing init system manager. If the bots die, systemd harnesses the power of GNU/Necromancy (TM) to bring the bots back to eternal servitude.


I have a private SMTP server set up with Dovecot and Postfix. If you'd like to get your own @valkyrie.sexy, @legitfood.review, or @hotvoxsingles.fun e-mail, you're free to message me (although I can't guarantee that you'll be reaching Microsoft inboxes).


Do you use IRC? I'll share access to my IRC bouncer if you want. It's great for making sure your friends don't talk about you behind your back, even though your crippling anxiety and depression have already convinced you otherwise.